Monday, February 6, 2012

Been busy

Both at work and in WoW, that is. Wapsipinicon is meandering her way through the Cataclysm zones. I hadn't done Vashj'ir before so Wapsi spent some time there as well as in Hyjal. What a beautiful zone, as an invertebrate biologist IRL I really enjoyed all of the colorful sea life. After doing about half of each of these entry zones, Wapsi did a tiny bit in Deepholm and several random dungeons and now she is level 84! They grow up so fast!

I've also been spending time on fishing and cooking dailies as I have dreams of achieving both the fishing and cooking metas on Wapsi. She's cleared Org and Thunder Bluff (and made exalted with both in the process), and is now working on Undercity and Dalaran. Speaking of achievements, she got the Lunar Festival "Elder" title and festival lantern and decided to show them off after drinking some mysterious potion she found in the sewers of Dalaran...

Finally, Wapsi has been searching the auction house for cheap greens for transmogging. After putting together this outfit, she succumbed to a fit of vanity and paraded around Orgrimmar Saturday night with all of the other l33ts...

On the RL front, I'm wrapping up a short paper on CNS miniaturization that I will be VERY happy to have off my back, as I can finally start my tsetse fly study once it's done!

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