Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Secret project revealed!

Dailies are starting to get a bit old again, so my Hordies have been out in the world looking for new adventures. Wapsi has been back at archaeology in search of her Professor title, in addition to a few pet battles. And I've rolled a new toon to try my hand at tanking. Meet Petrusian, barefoot protection warrior!

Some time ago, I noticed that some of the male blood elf models hold quite a resemblance to Peter Steele. Since I don't typically play male toons, this seemed like a good opportunity to do so, as well as to try to level a warrior for the first time. Peter Steele's first band, Carnivore, was styled around the concept of post-apocalyptic warriors, so this class choice seems appropriate.

I've never played a tank, but I'm not excited about low-level questing right now. The lowbie zones seem like torture after leveling through Pandaria; so slow, quests scattered everywhere, generally not very fun. The instant dungeon queues seem like a more exciting way to level Petrusian. So I've geared him with all the tanking heirlooms, specced him protection, and sent him out into the wilds of dungeon finder. I'm looking forward to hitting level 40 and plate specialization with him, so he can transmog away this clown suit.

I feel like I've been doing a pretty good job as tank, although I still need to work on positioning a bit. I am apparently too slow though, which is not a surprise, I do like to loot corpses and finish dungeon quests. Much to the dismay of GOGOGO DPS who will "help" me by running three rooms ahead in Stratholme to pull bosses. To my credit, I was able to round up the mobs as they poured into the room and went straight for the healer, and no one died. I know it's just a lowbie dungeon, but I felt pretty good about that, despite the complaints.

So tanking lessons learnt so far: 1. Go fast. 2. Ignore the chat window. We'll see if I can manage that for 65 more levels...


  1. Petrusian looks great! Keep up the great job. Tanking in LFG is no easy feat. And believe me, no matter how fast you zerg a dungeon run it will always be too slow for those impatient trolls. So ignore them and run it at the pace you are comfortable at because a player can always go back to waiting in a long queue. Happy Holidays and thank you for all the inspiration you provide. ^.^

  2. Thanks for the kind words- I might try tanking again someday, but it just doesn't fit with my meandering style right now!