Wednesday, March 6, 2013

5.2 first impressions

I haven't even ventured onto the Isle of Thunder yet, although my Horde priest Blatella is pretty close. She ran Terrace LFR this morning and no armor upgrades (another belt, whee!), but she had enough valor afterwards to purchase the Golden Lotus robes. She really needs to start her Dominance Offensive stuff so she can get Revered with the Black Prince and all that. We shall see.

Last night Mnium got Nana Mudclaw's vote for Farmer Yoon, and planted more Snakeroot for Calyx's ore addiction. She ran MSV LFR and got a big upgrade (a helm) and a duplicate (a cape). Not enough valor for the Klaaxi legs and not revered with anyone else, so she'll be here for awhile. Oh, ran one heroic dungeon championing Golden Lotus, the rep reward wasn't huge but it will help. I guess I'm more looking forward to being able to do work orders for rep when her farm is complete.

New haircut, transmog and pet for Mnium! The transmog is based on the early Jade Forest quest rewards, with some Wrath PVP shoulders, gloves and boots that she bought with JP. Looks amazing with the purple hair! The mechanical Pandaren dragonling was crafted by Calyx the other day.

So Mnium will be looking awesome while she works on her farm and runs heroics the rest of the week!


  1. She looks absolutely lovely! My own druid may have to flatter by mimicry!

  2. It's an amazing outfit for so little effort, as long as you kept the quest gear from the beginning of Jade Forest. I haven't seen anyone else wearing it either, so it feels somewhat unique!