Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

Working on a paper at work this week, so I've just been WoW-ing a little bit here and there. Wapsi ran Gnomeregan twice back to back in Dungeon Finder and did pretty well the second time- I'm remembering to set her totems down for every mob, which I don't have to do while questing. Last night I was able to do some questing in Southern Barrens, and I was struck by how beautiful the Overgrowth was, all swampy and green and overgrown with tropical flowers. Wapsi hit level 35 at the end of the Ruins of Tarajo quests, which I'm glad she got to do as a tauren. Pretty depressing, but ambushing and killing General Hawthorne in revenge kind of felt good.

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