Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekend in Azeroth

Had a nice lazy Saturday hanging out with the bf and playing a little WoW. Wapsi worked on her professions (trying to get jewelcrafting to a point where she can make some money!), did a couple of battlegrounds, did a couple of dungeons. The dungeon finder put her in Uldaman and Scholomance, and both went very well (despite the remainder of the Scholomance group being what I imagine were teenagers who liked to say c@nt and make rape jokes). Wapsi's rotation is finally clicking with me: drop totems, hit Stormstrike and Lavalash and Earthshock for bosses; drop totems, hit Fireshock, Fire Nova and Lava burst for groups of mobs; use Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning when everything else is on cooldown; and finally, squeeze in a heal spell if necessary (as it was a couple of times in Scholomance). Battlegrounds on the other hand were kind of meh. Rogues suck (but it makes me want to go back to my lvl 85 rogue Goetia and start doing some BGs with her!).

Aside from that, Wapsi spent some quality time fishing around home (Mulgore) and in Dustwallow Marsh (where she was sent by the Warchief's Command Board but didn't actually do any quests). Finally it was time to head back to Thunder Bluff to visit the shaman trainer and get some shuteye.

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