Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Moar leveling, but I still love hitting things with axes

Most of my WoW time has been spent leveling Blatella the holy priest through the dungeon finder. The learning curve for the many kinds of heals she has has been a bit tough, but I am getting the hang of using Chakra and AOE heals. She dinged 70 a couple of days ago and began healing Wrath dungeons, and my oh my is everyone squishy! DPS are getting one-shotted on bosses and three-shotted on big mobs. Tanks are minimally better. I have time to cast Holy Word: Serenity on one of them, but if anyone else is in trouble they're going down. So I concentrate on keeping the tank up so he/she can hold aggro so we don't have a total wipe. It's stressful and it makes me feel like a fail healer, which isn't the reason I spend money on games. So...slowing down on leveling Blatella for the time being, back to just a level or two a week so I don't lose all of what I've learned. 

She did get her flying mount at level 60 (no problem with gold as her glyphs and dungeon gear have been selling well) and the Easter mount, the latter of which compliments her sickly undead color nicely. She even changed her hair to match!

Boomhoof did a couple of dungeons this weekend as well, and is just one talent point away from boomkin form, which is the whole reason I decided to roll a balance druid. She's leveling her enchanting as well, towards my end goal of having a max-level enchanter, inscriptionist and alchemist (Wapsi), in addition to all of the gathering professions. Together, they should be able to earn enough gold to make leveling additional alts easy.

I haven't taken any pictures of Wapsi lately, so this one will have to do. She's nearly done with Hyjal dailies, thank Elune. She's maxed out her alchemy and will never want for flasks for heroics or LFR. Speaking of LFR, the past two weeks she's gotten good gear drops, including the tier chest piece and one No'Kaled. 

That's about it Horde-side. I've just learned that heirlooms can be mailed across faction, so I'm thinking of having Wapsi collect the JP agility and intellect mail pieces, sending them to my dranei ret pally in addition the the strength plate I already have, and server transferring her over to Shadow Council with my Alliance hunter and baby elemental shaman. 

All of that should really keep me busy until the next expansion. I finally got my beta invite, but I find I have plenty to do in WoW as it is. 

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