Thursday, April 12, 2012

Back to leveling

Now that Wapsi is beginning to get geared in LFR and Valor gear, there hasn't been a whole lot for her to do. Every so often she does the dreaded Molten Front dailies, she's chosen alchemy as her crafting profession (jewelcrafting wasn't working out) and has been speed-leveling that via the AH, but that's about it. Mostly just lazing around Org these days. I don't even have a recent picture of her!

This past couple of weeks in Azeroth have been focused on leveling Blatella and Boomhoof. Boomhoof is a balance druid I started leveling with the bf, and when he ran out of steam I kitted her out in heirlooms and took her to LFG. Balance dps seems to be pretty crap at her level (mid-20s), but I'll persevere because I really want a max level boomkin.

Most of my time has been spent on Blatella the holy priest who I am leveling solely through LFG. It's been a challenge- I'm really realizing how important it is to have a good tank who doesn't pull too much at once and holds aggro. I think I'm learning when to use different heals pretty well, and mana management hasn't been too bad, especially since I discovered that I can cannibalize corpses for mana- forsaken racial is OP!

I've also been enjoying playing Blatella since I think she's actually a really pretty toon; her green skin and purple hair match the heirlooms very well. I also like the idea of being an undead holy priest who eats corpses- kind of reflects my feelings on the dirty underbelly of religion.

So between LFG queues Blatella has been half-heartedly participating in Noblegarden by collecting eggs for the mount- I doubt she'll get the 500 chocolates necessary and keep hoping she gets the random drop. It's kind of fun watching everyone running around the starting areas in new and old toons alike.

I decided to take her to Falcon Square to collect eggs as it's not too populated. It's a pretty place, kind of makes me want to roll a night elf...

Anyway, back to egg collecting!

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