Sunday, March 25, 2012


Did my first instance with Blatella last night, Wailing Caverns. With heirlooms, she gained three levels to level 20 so she could get her first ground mount! She ended her night by heading off to the big city across the sea, Orgrimmar.

I don't have any healing add-ons installed so I was clicking on nameplates and casting heals using the Razer Naga mouse. After a couple of tragic deaths on the first raptor mobs, I got things mostly figured out (Power word: shield on tank at each pull, HoT on everyone taking any damage, bigger heals for any damage beyond that). Today I've installed HealBot and although I'm a bit intimidated by the setup, I'll give it a go. I'm not so sure I like the combination click-casting, since I can select each spell I need using the Naga. We'll see though, here's to finding some patient PUGs while I figure things out...

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