Friday, March 23, 2012

Some changes

I've modified my profile to reflect the fact that Wapsipinicon is now my main toon in WoW. I still love my little goblin rogue Goetia, but I find that the enhancement shaman playstyle is really my cup of tea, so I'll be staying with Wapsi for the time being. She finally did LFR yesterday and did OK for a noob I think (#4 DPS for the first two bosses, but dropped off a bit with all of the running around after Deathwing), so now I'll be running her in LFR as much as I'm able for gear. I'm a bit worried by the fact that the graphics needs of raiding is beating the hell out of my computer- serious lag and one screen of my dual screen setup actually went black during LFR last night. It was an intense experience hardware- and play-wise, but I had a great time and look forward to doing more. After some practice and gear upgrades I might even, maybe, see about looking for a guild for normals and even heroics. We'll see though.

In addition to running around killing things, Wapsi is still on an archaeology bent, with the most recent goal being to put together a nice shaman-y outfit for transmogging. Towards this end, she found the Headdress of the First Shaman in Outland last night. I plan to buy at least the shoulders from the Five Thunders set at the Darkmoon Faire for the set, maybe more as I get the tickets:

I've also collected all of the Seer's Mail Armor from various Outland factions, which might go well with the headdress, too:

And possibly these shoulders as well:

Belt and boots I plan to get from the Auction House.

Ah, spring break is here! I'll have a couple days to spend in Azeroth, and then I'll be journeying to the bf's hometown to relax and eat some ramps!

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