Sunday, March 4, 2012

A very tauren weekend

This weekend Waspi has been finishing up Cata zone questing for reputation in addition to finally getting the hang of heroics. She became exalted with Ramkahen on Saturday night and bought herself a couple of camels (pics later), and also spent some time fishing in Uldum for the Cata gourmet and cooking achievements.

Spent a bit of time back in Vashj'ir as she's now working on Earthen Ring rep, still such a beautiful zone.

She's been chipping away at acquiring epic gear in heroics and through honor and valor points, and has been transmogging away. Thankfully she's now switched from the Ramkahen to Earthen Ring tabard, which matches a lot better.

Last but not least, the boyfriend finally joined me in Wow this weekend! Not sure how much we'll play as he keeps losing network connection on his old laptop while we're playing. Still, it was great to finally run around Azeroth with him!

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