Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A story of daily quest woe

But with a win at the end!

I've already complained about dailies, but here's an added frustration from Tol Barad. So, I started out one morning knowing that Wapsi was going to hit exalted with Hellscream's Reach, and thus eligible to buy the Drake of the West Wind! Woohoo! Here's how it all went down...

In front of Grommash hold, in her latest stylin' red transmog outfit plus new PVP shoulders!

Checking the mail and collecting auction house earnings.

Collecting quests in Tol Barad.

Die Commander Largo!

Die cranky residents of Rustberg!

All done! Wait, what? Drake requires 200 commendations, and I only have 164?! WTF! Arrrgh!

Frustrated, Wapsi turned to Archaeology for the quick fix of solving artifacts. Her patience was rewarded when the fossilized raptor mount turned up!

Gotta find fossils...

Woohoo! Success!

And a couple of days later, another rep grind paid off...yay Cenarion Hippogryph!

So a good weekend for Wapsi!

In addition, I played a bit more with my bf on Boomhoof, and bought her the Bard's outfit on the auction house. Although right now I'm raising her boomkin, I'm still considering switching her over to feral since melee is really my preference.

And over on Shadow Council, Milyra has been doing a couple of dungeons, questing, and collecting pets! Thanks to a pet control macro I found on the Blizz hunter forums, she is having a much easier time sending her pet to targets.

So that's it for St. Pat's weekend in WoW. This week I'll still be doing dailies on Wapsi (sigh...) and working on a transmog outfit for her based on the Grunt's Pauldrons and Cloak of the Moon, both shown here. The remaining gear she has on is pretty good, but I would like to find some pieces that better match the royal blue elements of the cloak and shoulders. So off to the transmog sites I go!

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