Monday, July 2, 2012

Here comes the apocalypse

Once again, not much WoW time this weekend, but given that I was without power for two days when I was nearly missed by a tornado while visiting my boyfriend's family in central West Virginia, I think that's fair! My phone also decided to cash it in, which in a stroke of luck that is entirely not typical of me, occurred just two days before I was due for my two year upgrade. So fiddling with my new iPhone took precedence over gaming for most of yesterday.

When I am playing, I've been focussing on exploring and questing with Fossegrimme. She quested in Eastern Plaguelands until she outleveled it, ran Dire Maul on LFD, and finally made her way to Fuselight in Badlands. Her plan is to make her way to Burning Steppes so she can do the Tiny Flamefly pet questline, and then to Winterspring so she can work on getting her Winterspring frostsaber mount. So she has Things To Do, but she's going about them in a pretty relaxed way. Her heirlooms and the Midsummer Fire Festival buff ensure that Fossegrimme levels fairly rapidly, but I have enjoyed the feeling that I am just meandering about on her. I'm in no particular hurry to get her to level 85.

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