Monday, July 23, 2012

Is it still ninja-ing if you're just clueless?

I expect the answer is yes, so I feel bad about winning this trinket in a Grim Batol run on my mage (actually it was the Normal, not Heroic version). I looked at the tooltip and thought it sounded pretty awesome for a squishy, mana-sucking mage. When I won the trinket, the healer got cranky and I didn't know what exactly she was going on about (she never mentioned my name, or that I had rolled on a healer trinket, just a bit of ranting). When I logged off I looked up the trinket and read the comments on Wowhead and yes, it is considered a healer trinket, although not a very good one. Seriously though, I am a big enough person that if someone were just to say, "Hey, that's actually a healer trinket would you mind trading it to me?" I would have no problem whatsoever doing so. I don't quite understand why a person would rather rage than ask a simple question.

Anyhoo, Fossegrimme is at 84.5 after much dungeoning and questing this weekend. Questing in Deepholm wasn't quite as bad as Hyjal due to better gear, but she was still pretty squishy. Some of the quest rewards were actually kind of cool looking, too (she's got the Staff of Siphoned Essences from an earlier Grim Batol run that looks even better than the one in the picture). Damn am I tired of that Hyjal tabard though. One of these days I will need to play a toon that actually wears green so that tabard will match.

So one-half level to go and then I have my first max level Alliance toon!


  1. I have done that too-- and have also been direct and said "that is a x thing intended for x and you are a y" to have it ignored or punked. When I have realized my error, I wish I could send it to the player, or put it in a "lost and found" box and have the Azerothian post master send it, with a message "This was found in the twisting nether of ninja noobness." I have gotten so used to the new need/greed system in the newer dungeons and LFR, I forget that this is not the case in older instances. I needed on some cool shoulders the other day in Serpentine to have the paladin ask me why I was needing on leather. Beats the crap out of me--I can't read apparently. At least you didn't have that crazy shaman I ran into about toxic mana!

  2. Interestingly, the opposite happened to me yesterday while I was running a dungeon on my feral druid- the healer need rolled and won an agility polearm that would have been a significant upgrade for me. I figured she may have been a druid, probably rolling for an offspec, so I didn't say anything. Also, in a low-level dungeon (Razorfen Kraul), what does it matter? It's not worth arguing over a piece of gear I'll outlevel quickly.

    I read your post about the LFR shaman- I guess I've been lucky, I can count on one hand the number of times I've run into a true nutjob in-game (the guy with the X-rated toon name who called me the n-word comes to mind...). It's still kind of shocking when it happens, makes you wonder what those people are like IRL...