Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pandas are imminent

Yes, I name my computers!

So Blizzard announced the release date of Mists of Pandaria- September 25. For me, the first thing that comes to mind with this announcement is that I will either need to upgrade my old MacBook to OS 10.7 and run the risk that it will run like crap on old hardware, or just suck it up and buy a new computer. I've been saving my pennies over the last few months in anticipation of the latter, so I will probably go that route.

I'm pretty excited about the expansion, even though I feel like there is still a lot in the current game that I haven't done. The things I'm looking forward to most in Pandaria are:

1. Collecting pets for Pet Battles! I think it will be awesome to explore the world in search of new pets. Not just for hunters anymore!

2. Rolling a warlock! This is one of the now few classes that I haven't been able to get to max level. The new changes to the class sound amazing, so I am going to try again in the expansion. I haven't decided what race she will be yet.

3. Rolling a panda! I like the female panda models a lot, so I will definitely be leveling one from scratch. I haven't decided what class yet- you see my predicament here, if I could roll a pandaren warlock I could roll two goals into one. Alas, this is not to be, so I will probably just try the monk DPS class.

4. Getting my current max level toons to endgame! I will likely start with my shaman Wapsi Horde-side, and my newly level 85 mage Fossegrimme Alliance-side (see below). I'm looking forward to the new level 85-90 zones, the new dungeons and LFR, and of course all of the beautiful new gear! I've really been inspired by the artwork for the expansion, and I'm nearly drooling over the prospect of experiencing it on a new computer that can run on better than the minimum graphics requirements!

So what would I like to do before the expansion drops?

FigurePrints FTW!

1. I haven't been running LFR with Wapsi because I'm just tired of getting no gear drops. It bothers me though that she has only one No'Kaled (second is transmogged Trickster's Edge from HoT heroics). So I may brave LFR a couple more times with her in hopes that the damned thing will finally drop, and she'll finally win a roll because everyone else has it already.

2. Fossegrimme wants to set Deathwing on fire! Yes, she dinged level 85, and is already geared to begin Cata heroics (some ilvl 333 drops, a JP robe and forgive me, a PVP helm from the AH). She's transmogged into the chest and shoulders from the BC Mana-Etched Regalia, Junior Technicians 3rd Grade Goggles from a Netherstorm quest, and non-transmogged Staff of Siphoned Essences from Grim Batol normal because it just looks cool. I would like to get her to a point gear-wise where she can solo BC heroics for transmog gear- I soloed a couple of them on Wapsi at level 85 and it was still possible for her to die if there were too many mobs on her, so I expect that Fossegrimme's squishiness might still be an issue even at max level. So, onwards to LFR she will go, with the goal of getting tough enough to do those BC heroics.

3. I have a lot of low-level characters that I will definitely not be able to level before the expansion drops. So I chose one to focus on: Aeshna the feral druid. I wanted to bring her over to my Alliance server with some cash to help Fossegrimme level her tailoring, soooo...I faction changed my beautiful Crayola troll! I wouldn't have done it if I didn't think the Worgen cat druids were pretty awesome, too:

I like her human and Worgen forms, too. I especially like the idea that an already shape-shifting race that can take additional forms. She's a human! She's a werewolf! She's a cat! Now if only she was a vampire she would be right out of an Anita Blake book!

Human form Aeshna! Still rocking the Hydrocane since a healer need rolled on the agility polearm from Razorfen Kraul last night!

Worgen form Aeshna, her feet busted right out of her boots like the Incredible Hulk!

I ran Aeshna through a couple of dungeons last night and wow, melee! I'm really out of practice with getting her positioned behind mobs. Also- that worgen voice that sounds like Marge Simpson's chain-smoking sisters telling me over and over and over "I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH ENERGY!" This was the thing I didn't like about playing a rogue, as well. I have to get used to standing there doing white damage while all of my buttons are greyed out due to lack of energy. So yeah, a lot of room to learn and improve on this toon!


  1. "that worgen voice that sounds like Marge Simpson's chain-smoking sisters"

    lol, now I can't get this out of my head. It does totally sound like that.

  2. I should only roll Taurens for energy-using classes. Female taurens have nice soothing voices.

  3. Well sounds like you have your next 2 months planned out. Is that your figureprint?

  4. @Navimie, yes, that's my figurePrint of Wapsi. It turned out way bigger than I thought it would, but that just makes the details stand out even more. It's really beautiful!

  5. I run WoW via Linux, which obviously requries me to run an emulator. Is there a Linux Wine equivalent for Mac that you might be able to get away with?

    I mean, I tested my system via Wine for Guild Wars 2 (which seems to have more requirements that Pandaria) and without the ability for "Windows" to detect my system's full hardware, it still easily qualified. I would think your Mac should be able to do the same.

    Nice FigurePrint. I pooled some friends when they first launched and we got Mrs. Amateur one for her (then) level 30 Hunter. Back then you didn't have nearly the options now so a bunch of us actually farmed the Emblazoned gear for her at the time. I should post a pic of it at some point as well.

  6. @arcanewordsmith- the Emblazoned set is pretty nice- just posted about using it for my druid!

    I'm not the most computer savvy person, which is probably why I am a Mac user; I want a computer that does what I ask it to without my having to worry about the details! I'm pretty apprehensive about tinkering with operating systems that I don't fully understand. And, the expansion makes a good excuse to buy a computer upgrade that I am going to need soon anyway!