Sunday, July 8, 2012

Through the Dark Portal

Fossegrimme the fire mage has made it to level 60, trained flying, and passed through the Dark Portal. She took her time with leveling this past week, doing a lot of questing and a few dungeons here and there. Aside from getting to level 60, she had just a couple of goals- finishing the Burning Steppes questline for the Flamefly pet (seen above), and getting her herbalism leveled so that she could pick flowers in Outland.

Questing has been pretty simple; perhaps due to her heirlooms she's not too squishy, and the fire spec does a lot of damage. She hasn't even had any mana troubles the past 10 or so levels. I'm still enjoying all of the little perks of being a mage- portals, conjured food, blink etc.

More fossils! This time in the Mage Tower in Netherguard Keep in Blasted Lands. I'm itching to have her level her Archaeology, but after spending a couple of hours on herbalism yesterday, I didn't have it in me to fly her all over in search of dig sites.

Oh how I love acquiring the flying skill on a new toon. Free at last!

However, the Flying License alone kind of broke the bank. Fossegrimme had to wait until she made more money on the AH before she could have a hippogryph of her very own...

That didn't keep her earthbound, though, as she had a Winged Guardian in her bag! Freed from the chains of the earth, she gathered herbs until she could afford her hippogryphs, and was read to go through the Dark Portal!

I've heard so many players talk about what an amazing experience it was to fly through the Portal for the first time. So I took time on Fossegrimme to appreciate that she was going to be entering an entirely new world...and it worked! I had major goose bumps as she went through the portal and landed on the other side for the first time!

She made her way to Honor Hold and queued up for a few BC dungeons. I plan to level her this way until she is high enough level to quest in Nagrand. I've done Hellfire Peninsula and Zangarmarsh a lot on my Hordies, and I don't feel like running through them again even from the Alliance side.l

So that's it for Fossegrimme's progress over this hot July week. I leave you with this totally trashed dwarf she met in Badlands. She had gathered a bunch of beer for him from the dwarves next door, and he apparently drank it all at once :)


  1. Congratulations! You tell such great stories, I love your blog :-) It's on my reader so I haven't visited it online in a while, but I read it every post.

  2. Thank you so much for the comment, and thank you for subscribing! I use a feed reader too, so it's also rare for me to visit blogs "in person." I probably miss a lot, as there are a lot of creative people out there with beautiful blog layouts.