Thursday, August 2, 2012

Lazy late summer

Fossegrimme is finally into Hour of Twilight heroics, and after a few runs of BC heroics saw the Mana-Etched Crown drop in Black Morass. She's now wearing 3 pieces of that set, as well as a staff from another BC heroic that I can't recall, and although it's not very fire mage firey, I still think it looks pretty sweet (especially with her buff from Well of Eternity). I think she'll hold off on doing those old heroics for now, and concentrate on JP and VP farming and making it into LFR.

Aeshna is puttering about Stormwind while she waits for LFD queues, and hit level 45 last night. I think she'll go for some questing in Feralas for the next five levels though as I'm sick and tired of Dire Maul. My most recent observations on playing a cat druid are:

1. OMG so many buttons! I don't like to button-mash, but it's hard not to fall into this pattern especially with the ongoing NOT ENOUGH ENERGY issues. For some reason I feel more overwhelmed by the number of actions available at this level than I have with other toons (maybe because I just finished leveling a "faceroll" mage, haha!)

2. That said, the energy issue is improving thanks to some points in the King of the Jungle talent. I can now get almost through two rotations (up to 5 combo points and the finishing move) before having to stand there and do white damage for awhile.

3. Positioning is getting easier, especially with the acquisition of Feral Charge (although it's a bit frustrating the way this action repositions the camera, so that I have to spin it around while keeping on the target).

4. Despite feeling a bit hapless at times in fights, Aeshna has been performing well DPS-wise. One night Recount wasn't showing for some reason, and when I got it to show after a couple of dungeons, she was at the top of the chart. So I guess I'm doing something right!

5. It's awesome to be able to tank in a pinch! I've tanked trash and a couple of bosses after tanks have dropped group, and I didn't do too badly (also thanks in part to some great healers). I actually set up my second spec as feral tank, and although I'm not quite confident enough to go full tank, I like having the option to do so.

Aeshna is looking sharp in brown/red leathers, including several from the Emblazoned set. 

Allow me a tiny rant for a moment though while I complain about the AH armor economy on Shadow Council Alliance- it's awful! EVERY piece of low level leather gear is 200-300G at the moment, primarily due to one seller whom I sincerely hope has a cataclysmic computer meltdown sometime in the near future. Presumably he/she is buying everything up and reposting at ridiculous prices, ostensibly for "transmog," although a lot of this gear doesn't look that great. Perhaps he/she is anticipating leather-wearing monks too. 

What this means for a poor leveling toon like Aeshna is there will be no gear upgrades through the AH unless she can catch that rare piece that is listed for 5-20G (and when she finds such a piece, listed below the same damned thing going for 300G, she cackles ecstatically while she buys out the undercutter). I'm generally not much of a rager, but money-grubbing of any kind is really high on my pet peeves list, so much so that I find myself actually considering sending this person a letter asking them to knock it off. But I won't, because it's not worth an argument, and most importantly, it will almost certainly have no effect. I suspect that other people on the server are feeling the same way, so I will let the market work its magic until the gouger gives up.

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