Monday, August 27, 2012

Holding my breath...

...for patch 5.0.4, and the talent changes in particular! I'm really looking forward to trying out the new specs, especially on characters that have proven difficult for me to play so far- I'm looking at you, Aeshna the kitty druid! Although a funny thing happened in the Borean Tundra- once I had Aeshna in a full set of Wrath gear, her energy problems seemed to improve a bit. With just that little change, she got a lot more fun to play, and I really enjoyed questing with her for a couple of levels even though I just did Borean Tundra on Fossegrimme. So fingers crossed, I'm hoping that the dramatic changes of 5.0.4 will bring more of the same!

In other news, I have convinced my boyfriend to try WoW again, on the Alliance side this time. Taking advantage of Recruit-a-Friend and the 75% off sale on Vanilla through Cataclysm last week, we've rolled a pair of worgen: him a warrior, and me a warlock. We made it to level 10 and chose our specs (fury for him, demonology for me), and will resume leveling under the new talent system. I'm hoping this will also give me an opportunity to learn how the new system works on a leveling toon, making it easier to make the transition on my max-level characters.

Given the pre-patch lull in WoW, I finally began playing Diablo III, which has been sitting on my desktop since I downloaded it via my Annual Pass. Since I now live in a 2-computer household, my bf also picked up a copy, and we have been killing zombies and demons together. The interface shares similarities with WoW, but has still taken some getting used to, especially using mouse clicks to move and cast spells. Everything seems very small, too, and lacks the visual richness of WoW.

Still, just going on adventures and killing monsters has been a lot of fun. I rolled a witch doctor, my boyfriend a barbarian. I love my troll mask and shrunken head and rabid zombie dogs!


  1. I started my fourth warlock, and have been loving playing her! I noticed she is currently wearing this same robe, and I think the Worgen is rocking it much better! Work it girl! lol!

  2. One of my first toons was a warlock and I gave up on her around level 50. Too many buttons and things were dying sooo sloooowly. I'm already loving my new 'lock- Metamorphosis FTW!