Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pandas patch perspective!

After about an hour of optimization and patch downloading, the bf and I logged into our baby worgen in Gilneas to try out the new talent system. I was squealing with glee right from the start with the new login screen- the Cataclysm is over!

Belielle is my baby demonology warlock, I was kind of surprised the name wasn't taken- it's just a feminization of Belial.

First things first- I got a new pet for my preorder of the digital deluxe version of Mists. Had to bring him out right away! After looking over the new spell book, I started beating on some forsaken, as I was particularly interested in how Demonic Fury worked. It builds up like Rage as you do damage, and you begin to show the effects of the transformation...

And...Metamorphosis! I love it! By the end of the night I gained Demonic Leap as which will trigger the transformation, although I'm not sure what the purpose of that is aside from looking cool. I don't think I need to be in melee range to use Metamorphosis spells. I guess that's something to figure out as I level.

Overall, I really enjoyed having a smattering of new skills added to my action bar with each level, I quickly figured out what worked best for questing. By the end of the night I reached level 15 and got my first selectable talent: I chose Harvest Life because I really like Drain Life, and modifying it into an AOE spell seemed like a good idea.

The bf logged onto his baby warrior Allaso, we figured out what to put on his action bars, and we were off for some leveling. Here I'm smelling him just like I do in real life (I like boy smell!). Some comments from Allaso, who is definitely not sold on playing WoW yet:

1. the worgen starting zone is definitely better than "that cow zone." He didn't like Mulgore :( The Gilneas quests follow a story line and don't seem so random.

2. unlike me, he isn't interested in reading up on and studying rotations, he just wants to be out in the world exploring and killing things. I'm thinking this approach will be more feasible with the new talent system, with unnecessary talents simply removed from the spellbook.

Gilneas is such a beautiful place, but we're ready to finish up our business here and move on to bigger things- I'm looking forward to accompanying Allaso on his first dungeon run sometime soon!

I had two lingering questions at the end of the night, hopefully the answers will show up on the WoW forums in the upcoming days:

1. Where is my pet control bar? Is it hiding somewhere, or is it bugged?
2. Where is my worgen shapeshift button? It used to be under general spells, but I can't find it anywhere. I know it isn't essential to gameplay, but I like to see my human form every so often.

I don't know how much time I'll have in upcoming days to play with some of my leveled alts, as I'll have family visiting and that will take up some of my evening time. Aside from leveling the worgen, I'm actually looking forward to relearning my high level toons, since at this moment I'm on even ground with everyone else in the game rather than forever playing catch-up. Add to all that some bouts of Diablo III and I think I'm set game-wise until Mists arrives!

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