Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New computer joy!

So the new computer purchase has been made: a shiny new MacBook Pro with the best processor and video card available, but minus the retina display. As soon as I had all of my files transferred and everything set up, I logged onto WoW and immediately turned my video settings to Ultra (they had previously been on Low with my old computer).

Oh my! Everything looks so crisp and detailed and three-dimensional! So many sparklies! I get distracted watching other player's spell animations when I am in dungeons, and having finally become flight-capable on both Milyra the hunter and Aeshna the kitty druid, I am really enjoying just flying about and seeing the sights. I always knew this was a beautiful game, it's even more so when it's played as intended with a good computer.

The detailing on gear is stunning. Above, Fossegrimme the mage as a night elf thanks to an awesome little bauble she picked up in Magister's Terrace. My first night on the new computer Fossegrimme ran around Stormwind just looking at everyone's beautiful sparkly gear. Joy!

Another benefit of the fast new computer is that I no longer lag in LFR. As a result, Fossegrimme's performance in LFR has improved greatly, much to my relief. Perhaps I don't suck at fire mage after all, it was just my computer! Of course two No'Kaleds dropped on Madness while I was playing her, prompting me to log onto Wapsi since she still needs her second No'Kaled- but no No'Kaled this time. If I had a penny for every time I've seen Gurthalak though...

Most of my actual playtime (as opposed to running around looking at shinies) has been on Milyra the hunter. She's made it to Hellfire Peninsula and is mixing up questing with some dungeons. I've decided that her signature colors will be green/gold/white, so she did her 50-55 leveling in Winterspring to pick up some matching pets. Toki the polar bear is currently her questing pet with lots of talent points in aggro generation.

Check out this beautiful agility axe that dropped from a quest mob in Outland. I nearly wept- Milyra can only wear it for another week, as hunter melee weapons are gone forever in the pre-expansion patch!

I'm a bit nervous about the patch, as it will certainly impede my leveling of Milyra and Aeshna to learn a completely new rotation and talent set. I truly hope the changes will result in better gameplay, especially for my feral druid who continues to be godawful in dungeons where mobs are moving all over the place. I don't want to admit that this may be one class that I simply cannot play- I really like being a cat druid in theory at least. So please Blizzard, let post-patch kitty druids be super OP at least until I get Aeshna to level 85 :)

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  1. Congrats on the new computer! I'm really looking forward to getting my desktop repaired, I'm currently booting WoW from my Macbook Air and it's ab-so-lute-ly horrible. I bet I'll stop and look at the sparklies too, once I can play it with decent graphics again.

    I'll be missing my hunter's melee slot, as well! Had no idea it was happening with the pre-patch, though.

    I had a chance to check out the new talent system on the beta; most of my confusion came with figuring out what had been removed, replaced, improved or made into a passive. Eek, the anticipation!