Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dear Blizzard

I'm trying really hard to like my elemental shaman. Her spell animations and sounds are awesome. I like playing a tough orc lady. But she is so, so underpowered! She's in full heirlooms but it just took her one and a half hours to go from level 54-55 questing in Silithus. Thank Jeebus she can heal herself or playing her would be nigh intolerable.

But! Look at what she found on a Dredge Striker! That's two pet drops in one week!

So what's going on here? Is this my lucky pet finding toon? Are pets dropping more frequently in preparation for pet battles, or to encourage players to get back out in the world? Whatever the case, I like it, and at the rate I'm going on this poor shaman, I will have every pet in the game by the time she hits level 60!


  1. I was wondering the same thing....interesting....and grats!

  2. I think more frequent pet drops from quest mobs would be a great new feature. It would be a good incentive for people to go for Loremaster achievements too!