Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Midweek highlights

Oh, I have a pile of grading to do, but the interwebs has been providing me with tidbits of entertainment!

Kamalia has been doing a great series on the transmog sets of all of her toons, posted by class. Beautiful outfits and screenshots! They're motivating me to spend more time on my artistic interests in game, which in turn makes me even more excited for all of the pretty new things coming in the expansion. Need moar eye candy!

Warcraft Lounge has become one of my favorite podcasts, and I was happy to hear that new episodes will be coming more frequently when Mists is out. There's a lot of QQ, but I find that I learn an awful lot about the game in the process; it's kind of like listening to a couple of old scientists debating the state of their field over a couple of beers. Entertaining and informative!

Finally, not WoW related, but the new Devin Townsend album is streaming here. I listen to Devin because his early albums remind me of dark times, but his later work reminds me that there is much that is right in the world. The new album in particular is beautiful in places and standing-on-mt-Olympus-shooting thunderbolts heavy in others, which means I absolutely be buying in when it comes out in a week. New music always makes my day!

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