Wednesday, September 26, 2012

First day in Pandaria

After much debating, I decided that Wapsi the enhancement shaman would be the first to explore Pandaria, mainly because:
1. All of her professions are max level, so she can mine/fish/prospect as she goes
2. I love enhancement shaman, and I want to get comfortable with the new talent system
3. Mail wearer + Stormstrike = unstoppable!

So off she went to the Jade Forest. As expected, everything was beautiful and the new questlines and NPCs were fun (aside from the "Scouting Report" questline that kept bugging out and dropping me in the middle of an Alliance town full of level 90 NPCs!). Best of all were the new critters- so many bugs!

Wapsi ran a couple of dungeons as well- 30 minute queue times for DPS weren't too bad since she had so much questing to do. The dungeons were visually stunning, challenging and entertaining. And I'm happy to report that by the end of the day, enhancement felt smooth and deadly once again and Wapsi was doing excellent damage.

All in all it was a good experience, and Pandaria will be keeping me busy for awhile. A few more random notes:

1. I love the look of the weapons that are dropping- Wapsi has already replaced her HoT and LFR axes with nice-looking blues.
2. Still getting accustomed to the new totem systems. Why, why, why can't we have Call of the Elements etc so I don't have to push as many as 4 buttons before each fight? I have Searing totem and Healing Stream totem bound to buttons on my Razer Naga, but I don't have room for anymore, especially not for the more situational totems. I really hope that "Call..." spells are added back in the future.
3. Gathering professions are very lucrative right now. Wapsi was mining Ghost Iron while she quested, which she then sold for 450G a stack on the Auction House!
4. Pet battles are entertaining, and it's fun going out in the world and collecting cool new pets. I really like that you can see potential battle pets as an icon in the minimap.

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