Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Still slogging along

I was reading blogs this morning with my coffee and was surprised by Altaclysmic's post on the fates of blogs from the New Blogger Initiative. Apparently only 12 of us are still posting; and I at least am not posting at the rate I was this summer (no excuses!). It's motivated me to post a bit more often, even if I feel like I don't really have much to say (is that a good thing?). So here are a few thoughts and bits of news that have been occupying my gaming space today.

No! Not here again!

Nachtmystium the DK has made it to level 80! But I'm so, so tired of the Cata levels. Starting quests in Mt Hyjal feels like a lot of work, but I'll probably pick away at it over the next 2 weeks since I really want to have her at 85 for Mists.

I was bored enough by the prospect of grinding 80-85 again that I did some reading on Guild Wars 2. My god it looks like a beautiful game! But- only available for Windows. With all of the WoW gaming I do, I sometimes forget that most games aren't Mac friendly.

I learned something new about Recruit-A-Friend perks today: for every 2 levels my bf gains on his warrior, he gets 1 level to give to any toon of mine (must be same faction and server though). How nice! I happen to have a little dranei enhancement shaman who just finished the starting zone and now sits at level 10 in Darnassus. Maybe she'll be the recipient of the leveling boon?

The bf and I did a bit of questing in Stonetalon Mountains yesterday, and gained another 5 levels thanks again to Recruit-a-Friend. Belielle and her Voidwalker are both surprisingly squishy- the bf's warrior Allaso is of course pulling everything and never dying, while Belielle has to really be careful. Still, I'm glad she's a clothie so she can wear her top hat forever!

In another fit of ennui, I looked up the current rotation for combat rogues, and moved buttons around in preparation for maybe playing a little on Goetia again. I'm feeling more confident about melee since leveling my DK, but rogues have the same positioning requirement as feral druids and I just don't seem to be much good at that. I'll run her through a couple of dungeons though, and maybe even do some battlegrounds. I've been saying that for awhile I know, but someday!


  1. Oh no! Only twelve left. I know I've slowed down on posts too lately, I think it's because it's hard to type while I'm holding my breath waiting for Mists.

    From a feral druid I can agree, having to hit them in the butt all the time can get really tedious!

  2. I think Mists anticipation is a big part of my WoW doldrums. I feel like my playtime lately is just more of the same old thing, and nothing of interest to report...I suppose the expansion is coming at the perfect time for me!

  3. Oh I'm sad to hear that there are only twelve left. I hope you continue to blog :D

  4. I have to keep reminding myself to take screenshots so that I'll have something to write about. That's why I think the expansion will really help, there will be so many pretty things to take pictures of!