Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Puttering towards 90

Wapsi has finally made it to Dread Wastes, about 25% of the way into level 89. I'm looking forward to reaching 90 with her so she can play endgame dailies, heroics and raid finder, and work on her professions. Wapsi is my explorer, going boldly into new content and paving the way for the rest of my alts! But in the meantime, I'm enjoying the scenery and quests and filling up my bags with armor and weapons for transmog, and sending gifts of BOE gear to my other 85s.

I'm still impressed by how beautiful everything is, and the complexity of it all. Wow feels like a different game to me now, so much so that I feel like it will be awhile before I can level my baby monk through so many levels of old content.

Found some Klaxxi (I think that's right) last night while exploring. They didn't have anything to say yet, but I checked in with their flight master.

Despite my disinterest in the old content at the moment, I still want to play my ele/resto shaman since I have been enjoying her so much. After seeing a couple of panda shaman while leveling on Wapsi, I decided that I should join them. As much as I liked Pantha the orc, Pantha the panda seems fresh and a bit more fun now. She climbed a couple more levels to 75 healing Wrath dungeons last night, and finally replaced her Thrallmar quest shield!

So the plan right now is to keep exploring Pandaria on Wapsi, and to gain a couple of levels on Pantha whenever she has some rested XP stored up. After that, I'll need to chose another level 85 to send to Pandaria, which requires relearning their playstyle since the big talent change patch. I really feel like I'm getting $15 a month worth out of this game!

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