Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cloud Serpents

I haven't even gone to work yet and already I'm a winner. YES!

Of all the Pandaria faction dailies I've run so far, I've found the Order of the Cloud Serpents the most enjoyable. So that's probably why Wapsi hit exalted with them first, of all of the daily-providing factions. The option to collect Onyx Eggs was a big help too; each time I logged on over the past week, Wapsi flew around Windward Isle to check for eggs, typically finding 1-3 each time. I would estimate that about 1/3 of the rep Wapsi needed to get from revered to exalted came from these eggs.

Uh, hi floating panda lady? I'm really lost aren't I?

I think Wapsi got lucky with daily quests too- thankfully she only had to run the race once. Given my poor spatial skills, Wapsi was hopelessly lost in no time. But upon reaching the finish line...she was awarded first place! The rest of the competitors must have stopped off at a pub or something.

I guess it's a metaphor for real life: some hard work, some stupid luck, and Wapsi won her prize!

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