Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Rep grinding isn't so bad

Wapsi is quickly making friends in Pandaria. It's 5 weeks out from the start of the expansion, and her rep status is as follows:
Lorewalkers- Exalted
Order of the Cloud Serpents- Exalted
Klaaxi- Revered
Golden Lotus- Revered
Tillers- Revered
Anglers- Honored
Shado-Pan- Friendly
August Celestials- Neutral

Given all of the QQ in the Blizzard forums about how hard it is to grind these reps, I'm really surprised at how easy it's been given that I've approached the process very casually. I don't do a set of dailies on a particular day unless I feel like it, and I took a lot of breaks on the Klaaxi and Golden Lotus. Furthermore, by the time Wapsi reached revered with Golden Lotus, she had enough Valor points saved for the epic shoulders, so that was nice.

It all worked out pretty nicely in my opinion, but then I would probably feel differently if I had to work 2-3 hours of dailies in addition to raiding into my play time. Also, Wapsi has been super lucky with gear drops in LFR when using her Elder Charm of Good Fortune option. She's picked up a trinket, boots, gloves and chest in just 1.5 runs, so between that and valor purchases when she can manage it, I think she'll be good for future LFR content as it comes. This also makes dailies much, much easier, she cuts through enemies like butter now!

Wapsi reached revered with the Klaaxi just last night, and revived the last two Paragons. Eventually, Wapsi will continue Klaaxi dailies just because I am really enjoying this storyline. One suggestion from the forums that I really liked was granting the title "Wakener" upon reaching exalted with the Klaaxi. I would wear that title and the Klaaxi tabard proudly, friend of the insects!

This past weekend I had some time to play Blatella the shadow priest. Shadow seems stupid easy to me, Blatella cuts down enemies easily and takes very little damage. Her numbers are very good in dungeons, too. I feel like she's easier to level due to her survivability than Wapsi was, which seems strange for a clothie, but I suppose that's the benefit of doing the killing at range.

I've been taking the leveling very slowly with Blatella, never running out of rested XP and doing all of the quest she can find. So she was the first toon who got to help Lorewalker Cho at Serpent's Heart, unlocking an amazing cinematic that gives me goosebumps right now just thinking about it! I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't done the quests, but it really made me sad for what the Horde and Alliance are bringing to Pandaria. 

After the quest chain was over, Blatella received a breadcrumb quest inviting her to Valley of the Four Winds. It seemed that by following this quest chain she was treated very differently in the Valley than Wapsi was (although maybe I just read the quest text more carefully this time!). Whatever the case, I really, really enjoyed the story arc Blatella experienced, and I am glad that I have decided to go slowly and uncover as much story as I can with her. The story also works well with my "in my head RP" for Blatella, who has struggled with her affiliation with light and dark since becoming forsaken, so it's been fun to imagine how her Pandaria experiences have impacted her inner conflict. 

Finally, this Sunday I felt like I had spent a lot of time in Pandaria and needed something different. Wapsi's guild has acquired the heirloom legs so I bought the intellect mail set for Panthalassa and set her to work as a healer in the last 5 levels of Wrath dungeons. Healing as resto shaman is still faceroll easy (way, way better for me than Holy Priest was), so with her heirlooms and a bunch of rested XP Pantha was at level 80 in just a couple of easy hours. 

Next, I'll set her to questing all the way through Vash'jir as Elemental so I can get the Loremaster of Cata and Cata Explorer achieves on my account, and then I'll finish leveling to 85 as Resto in dungeons. My primary goal for Pantha is to have her be my pet battle toon once she gets to level 90.

One last nice little surprise- I found out that as a Pandaren, Pantha is now able to purchase the turtle racial mounts! So I added a bunch more mounts to my stable!

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