Monday, October 8, 2012

Sha of QQ

Yes I stole that from the Blizzard forums during yesterday's server restart debacle. It's interesting to me how much griping is going on in the forums regarding the expansion. Maybe it's because people feel entitled to more since they pay a monthly fee, but I still don't understand why they don't just move to another game if WoW has become unbearable for them. Maybe I just have low expectations?

I have my own little QQ too: The dead space in the enhancement shaman rotation is continuing to drive me nuts! It's worst when I'm running a dungeon and I need to switch mobs during the dead space, and I have to just stand there until something comes off of cooldown. I think I'm going to have to pull the autoattack button out for those situations, which seems like a pretty clunky solution. Another solution might be to just start playing my death knight again, but I really want to put off leveling new toons until Wapsi has done her rep grinds due to buffs in alt rep grinding introduced recently.

Overall though, I have been enjoying the sheer amount of things to do in Pandaria! Dailies are not dragging me down yet, perhaps because they are pretty challenging; both Golden Lotus and Klaaxi dailies require fighting mobs that can still overwhelm Wapsi if she pulls to many. I've begun the Cloud Serpent Riders dailies just because they're a little more relaxing, and I love that Wapsi has to use all of her secondary professions to complete them.

The heroic dungeons and scenarios are also challenging, but in a good way. Perhaps because everyone is learning the new instances, the groups I have run in so far have been very polite. I ran Gate of the Setting Sun yesterday (heroic dungeon) and although I'm getting a lot better at not standing in bad, I still need improvement! The last boss, a giant bug named Raigonn, required a couple of wipes before we figured out the mechanics of using the cannons to get up to his face and break down his armor. The cannons were a bit glitchy for me and kept dropping me rather than shooting me at the bug, but we eventually got the kill and it felt like a real accomplishment. Scenarios are also a burst of manic energy, with Wapsi using every skill she has as well as offhealing when necessary. My only wish is that heroics and scenarios awarded a bit more Valor, as despite being pretty busy this past week, Wapsi is still pretty far from being able to purchase any valor gear. LFR will have to wait a bit, it seems.

Finally, I learned two important bits of information this weekend:
1. In archaeology, finished common artifacts are not just for vendoring! Right click to convert to a Restored Artifact, which can then be turned in to Brann Bronzebeard for fragments of any race! Wish I had known that earlier!

2. Enhancement shaman Spirit Walk is not just for breaking out of movement impairing effects, but also gives a nice little speed boost a la feral druid Dash. Coupled with Ghost Wolf, this is very handy for running away when things get a little hairy!

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  1. As usual, you express things much more sweetly than I do, and I appreciate it! Thanks for the tip on Spirit Walk; I may just use it to run far, far away!