Thursday, October 4, 2012

On to the end game

Wapsi reached level 90 last night and purchased her Pandaria flight license immediately (as well as going back and spending JP to finally purchase that Wyrmrest Accord mount!). Despite all of the complaining I've seen on the forums, I didn't think that leveling 85-90 was all that bad. To me, it was definitely more pleasant and less of a grind than 80-85.

So now I guess it's time for some dailies and rep grinding with Pandaria factions and running heroic dungeons. The ilvl requirement for heroics has been reduced to 435 so Wapsi just qualifies. As for rep, I've decided to focus on the Klaaxi and Golden Lotus first. Reaching honored with both will allow me to purchase epic rings and necklace, and revered with both will open up epic legs, waist, shoulder and chest armor. Together, she'll be into LFR in no time.

I'm really happy to have Wapsi flying again, and I'm looking forward to continuing to explore Pandaria and doing some archaeology and fishing along the way. I'm also excited about reaching exalted with all of the Pandaria factions and purchasing some mounts! I don't think I have to worry about the gold needed, as Wapsi is still making a killing selling ore on the AH, and will be leveling her alchemy...

...with herbs picked by Blatella, who I just started in Pandaria this week. It will take me a while to get used to Shadow Priesting again, but I'm motivated by some of the pretty cloth drops she'll get as she levels.

One thing that makes me a little apprehensive about leveling another class is revealed by my current UI.  Wapsi has SO MANY BUTTONS, and she uses them all! The top left group are her keybound actions, top right are situational use totems and a couple of other things, bottom left is healing (using VuhDo) and CC, and bottom right are cooldowns. So much to keep track of that I need to keep it in the middle of the screen, along with IceHUD HP and mana bars. It feels like I'm pretty good at playing a shaman, the I'm not entirely looking forward to the learning curve in getting to that place on another toon.

Also, about halfway through level 89, something changed and Wapsi started experiencing dead space in her rotation again, in some cases requiring her to rely on white damage for 3-5 seconds or so. Pre-5.0.4, I filled this space by casting Lava Burst with 5 stacks of Searing Flames applied by the totem, but post-patch enhancement shaman no longer have Lava Burst. My suggestion would be to maybe take Earth Shock off of the same cooldown timer as Flame Shock? I just started using Earth Shock again anyway for the Weakened Blows target debuff and would be nice to not have to alternate it with Flame Shock.

Despite these little issues, I'm still enjoying playing enhancement overall. Her AOE damage and cooldowns are awesome (wish she could cast Stormblast more than 2-3 times under Ascendance though, but I suppose that would be totally OP)!

And I had another crazy thought while doing my first Golden Lotus dailies: it's kind of awesome to have a friend, even if it's an NPC. Wouldn't it be cool to be able to select an NPC companion to accompany you on your dailies and talk to, kind of like you can in Diablo III? Maybe you could unlock the ability at honored with a faction, if not immediately upon begin dailies. Either way, Wapsi would totally have a Klaaxi buddy with her everywhere! I for one welcome our insect overlords!

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