Sunday, October 21, 2012

Enhancing and Shadow Priesting

On Saturday I had time to send Wapsi around Pandaria to find all of the Lorewalkers scrolls, using the coordinates posted here and the TomTom addon. I was in need of a nice shiny reward after a week of only being able to do dailies and archaeology due to crappy hotel WiFi while I was out of town. Archaeology has been very fruitful for Wapsi- she's max level now, and has uncovered all of the Pandaren and Mogu rares, and is now trading her completed Pandaria artifacts for Tol'Vir fragments in hopes of finding the Scepter of Azj'Aqir bug mount. I think she's 5 rares away from the Professor title too, woot!

Wapsi has run the Headless Horseman instance a couple of times it would be nice to get the mount, but the masks are pretty cool too!

Dailies are going slowly, and Wapsi is about halfway through honored with both the Golden Lotus and the Klaaxi. Due to not running heroics and scenarios this past week however, she is really low on Valor points. She spent some on a 489 ring from the Golden Lotus (supposed to be available at revered, but she got it at honored, strange), so now I guess she needs to focus on collecting more. Maybe she'll run a few heroics today, as she still needs a couple more armor upgrades to get into raid finder.

I've figured some things out about enhancement shaman too, better late than never! I'm now monitoring 3 target debuffs/caster buffs using the addon NeedToKnow:

Unleash Elements applies Unleashed Fury and Unleash Flame, the former of which is followed by Lightning Bolt (with at least 3 Maelstrom Weapon stacks), the latter of which is followed either by Flame Shock (single target) or Fire Nova (AOE, after spreading Flame Shock with Lava Lash). The third buff is good old Searing Flames from the Searing Totem, which I thought had been dispensed with as of 5.0.4 along with Lava Burst for Enhancement. Turns out Searing Flames stacks on the caster now, and at 5 stacks doubles the damage of Lava Lash.

So monitoring these buffs/debuffs and hitting the appropriate buttons has taken care of some of the downtime in the enhancement rotation. Combined with the various utility spells and totems and cooldowns, Enhancement feels busy and interesting. I am looking forward to utterly destroying things as Wapsi's gear improves!

I've been spending a bit of time leveling Blatella the Shadow Priest too. This spec feels really smooth and powerful right off the bat, compared with how clunky Enhancement felt at first. I was worried about being super squishy in Pandaria, but as it turns out, Blatella takes very little damage even without her shield. Also, Mind Sear seems to have been tweaked so her AOE damage is acceptable now too. I'm glad that shadow priest feels so good, it's a nice change from Enhancement when I'm tired of doing melee.

Blatella has been trick or treating at inns in the Jade Forest, and has twice been transformed into a pirate- kind of a nasty trick to play on a Forsaken! Is this what Blatella looked like when she was human? I imagine she spent a lot of time looking in the mirror in this state, wistfully remembering what she used to be...

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