Friday, November 9, 2012

Back to the Alliance!

As mentioned, I rolled a new Alliance toon on the Feathermoon server in order to join a new guild that I read about on the Blizzard forums. I'm really enjoying chatting with people in the guild while I level, and I'm looking forward to our first attempts at some role playing. As far as playing a frost mage, Iolae is level 25 and has learned Ice Lance and the Fingers of Frost passive, so questing has become a heck of a lot easier. I like the mechanic of freezing things and quickly throwing out an Ice Lance for Shatter damage. The next thing I'm looking forward to is reaching level 30 and grabbing the Ice Barrier talent so she's not so squishy.

Of course I'm transmogging Iolae's gear too. I really like the Robe of the Moccassin from Wailing Caverns, and the Double-Stitched Woolen Shoulders go nicely with the grey theme and her silver hair. The Mystic's Gloves go pretty well and she's still wearing vendor boots but they barely show. The belt needs improvement. I have my eye on the Silver-Thread Sash, which is on the AH but out of my price range. I'll keep watching through!

Since I'm enjoying playing Alliance right now, I thought I would put my Hordies on vacation for a moment since I don't have time for both. However, the biggest problem with my Alliance toons is they are all so poor! So, I sprung for a server transfer for Fossegrimme the human fire mage so she can begin questing in Pandaria, collecting herbs and making some gold. Since she's a tailor she can also kit Iolae out in some stylin' gear. I've already had Fossegrimme make the Deathsilk set so Iolae can jump right into Cata dungeons when she hits level 80.

So for now, For the Alliance!

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