Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Existential conflict over alts

I have a lot of alts, but I don't like multitasking in order to play them all. So I tend to focus on one at a time, only switching to another when I reach a goal (level 90, geared for LFR for example). But I would like to try to stay active on my alts this expansion. For example, Wapsi, my "main" and explorer of content, is now revered or higher with all factions aside from Shado-Pan and August Celestials. With the rep changes in today's patch, she will likely complete the grind to exalted with Klaaxi, Golden Lotus and Anglers for the mount rewards. She's decently geared and finally starting to get the feel for the LFR fights (at least the first two blocks, she's only run Heart of Fear once). She won't do any serious raiding, but I would still like to continue to upgrade her gear through LFR. In addition, she needs to get back to making flasks so she can put them up on the AH, as her beginning-of-expansion largesse is beginning to dwindle.

Blatella is also beginning LFR, and can now begin grinding rep with Golden Lotus and Klaaxi at 2x speed thanks to Wapsi's earlier efforts. As ranged DPS, she is my toon for running LFR when I don't feel like being melee and subject to endless cleaves and stomps. She is an herbalist and inscriptionist but selling glyphs on my server is like pulling teeth. However, she'll be working on the inscription staffs as she collects motes from her new dailies.

I was stuck on the question of who to level next for a couple of days. I hopped onto Panthalassa the resto shaman on a whim and leveled her to 85 by healing dungeons, despite the fact that she had awful, awful gear from questing 80-83 in Vash'jir. She did very well, well enough that I decided it would be nice to have a healer in Pandaria as well. So she respecced to elemental for questing, made her way to Pandaria, bought all the spirit mail she could find, and is now preparing to try her hand at healing normal Pandaria dungeons. I've seen healers have all kinds of problems this expansion, so I'm a little apprehensive, but I'm ready to give it a try, in part because I'm also not really feeling the love for elemental shaman. I think this is mostly due to Lightning Bolt as a filler spell being so much weaker than Mind Flay with my Shadow Priest. I would really like if Lightning Bolt were a channeled spell doing the damage of Mind Flay, rather than a long cast spell for a tiny amount of damage while I wait for a Lava Surge proc. I honestly don't understand why so many players choose elemental over enhancement, as I find enhancement to be far more satisfying and fun to play.

Aside from Panthalassa, I think I will play Gallore the BM hunter from time to time primarily because I would like to tame some rare Pandaria pets. So with two toons to level 85-90, in addition to end game activities, I'll still be plenty busy for some time.

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