Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Embrace the shadow!

My goal over the Turkey Day holiday was to get Blatella leveled and into LFR. Well...she's already there. Much easier than I thought it would be. She dinged 90 on Saturday and Sunday-Monday ran heroics until she reached the magical 460 iLevel. I really like the heroic gear BTW, looks awesome on a shadow priest!

Honestly I didn't think it was all that much of a grind the second time around. So much complaining in the Blizz forums about Pandaria questing and dailies- is it honestly that much more difficult than leveling through the past expansions' content? It hasn't been for me. I wonder if people just want an endless torrent of new quest zones and instances, but then Blizz is attempting that this expansion with new LFR and quest hubs added with patches, and still people are unhappy. So I guess I'm a little confused by all of the rage in the forums community.

One bit of QQ that I can understand is that over the 8th anniversary gift. It was clearly an embarrassingly last minute, poorly executed effort (regifting last years rep/xp tabard, in addition to the letter referencing Cataclysm).  This was a missed PR opportunity, as simply tweaking the rep gains to include quest rewards would have addressed some of the concerns about the Pandaria rep grind, at least temporarily.

Anyhoo, Blatella has checked in with all of the daily quest hubs but won't be doing dailies in earnest until patch 5.1 and double rep for alts. She's maxed her inscription and herbalism and will be making the Inscribed Serpent Staff mainly because it looks cool. I'm looking forward to running LFR on her to see if it's less of a PITA to stay out of the crap and do decent DPS than it was for Wapsi.

Another happy change with patch 5.1- entering old raids no longer requires a group. Will Blatella be able to solo a couple of Sunwell Plateau bosses for the above Dark Sunwell gear? I do wish this old raid gear was BOA though, so I could just gear up my death knight, learn to play blood spec, and farm cool frocks for my squishier toons!

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