Thursday, November 1, 2012

On pet battles

I'm putting off going through Cata content on Panthalassa by leveling up my battle pets and catching some rares along the way. Why can't I catch gazelles though? I get them down to low HP and the trap never lights up, with the tool tip saying that I can't catch that pet. Poo!

I've been battling pet trainers in Kalimdor, and I'm stuck right now on Cassandra Kaboom and her #$@$ cheating-ass mechanical pets. They heal, resurrect, hit multiple times in a turn, fly so I can't hit them and all sorts of shenanigans. I've lost to Cassandra twice with her last pet at 5-20 points though, so I think if I get my pets up one more level I will whip her!

This is my pet team right now- a dragonkin and two captured rares, a mechanical squirrel and a turtle. Aurora has one super powerful move but is also very squishy. Trill is overall pretty decent, and Knox is really tough with a shield spell. They're pretty good for battling out in the wild, but we'll see how they do with the higher level pet trainers.

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