Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Farmer Wapsipinicon

So yesterday I decided to log on as Wapsi and play on the farm. Upon checking her reputation with the Tillers, I was somewhat amazed to see that she was very, very close to Exalted! I don't know how I missed that! Anyway, two rounds of dailies later and now Wapsi is Farmer Wapsi with a full 16-plot field and some sweet goat mounts. Now I suppose she can get to work on growing the rather ridiculous quantities of veggies she will need to max level her cooking.

I finally ran LFR on Blatella the shadow priest yesterday, and thanks to good groups and somewhat knowing the fights I really enjoyed it. Blatella even won a necklace so her armor upgrades continue, she has just a few 450 items left now.

After that, I figured what the heck lets try LFR with Wapsi again. This time around was much more pleasant for her, again knowing the fights a bit makes everything go so much more smoothly (no falling in the hole on Elegon, whee!). And surprise surprise, during the first four bosses she first won some bracers, and then a most awesome fist weapon! With these upgrades, she now has the 470 ilevel necessary to run the third portion of LFR. Sooo...maybe I won't be retiring her after all. She's progressing so well, I think it's worth keeping up with her, especially with the prospect of a legendary weapon in her future!

These next few days will be filled with holiday things and little time for serious WoW-ing, so it will be a good time to decide where to go next. I am feeling a tickle in the back of my head telling me to level my little baby warlock...

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