Friday, November 16, 2012

Shadow priest = WIN

Undead shadow priest in Pandaria is scary!

I am really loving playing Blatella the shadow priest. First off, she looks really cool in the gear available this expansion. Second, she kills mobs quickly and doesn't take much damage, meaning that questing is stress-free. Third, she does very good damage in dungeons, as she doesn't need to dance around the mechanics like Wapsi did as melee, and even when she does, her DOTs are ticking away. Although it doesn't mean so much for a non-raiding altoholic, I'm ready to consider Blatella my main for the time being.

Wapsi has paved the way for her in many ways. First, she gets the awesome archaeology umbrella off-hand, ilvl 450. Second, her rep grinds with Klaaxi, Golden Lotus, Tillers and Cloud Serpents will be quicker since Wapsi is already revered with them. Although I dislike having to repeat the Cloud Serpents experience so soon, I want Blatella to have Cloud Serpent riding for the kickass black cloud serpent mount she'll get when she's exalted with the Shado-Pan.

Right now Blatella is halfway to level 89 and questing through Kun-lai Summit, doing a lot of quests that Wapsi missed. So she's washed some yaks and now she's helping the grummles, and will eventually ding 90 in Townlong Steppes somewhere. As much as I enjoyed the Klaaxi story, I don't feel like running through Dread Wastes at the moment.

It still feels like there is so much to do in game right now. Despite her current retirement, Wapsi will probably run LFR here and there. I have my Alliance toons too, especially my three clothies I've moved to the Feathermoon server. Pet battles will catch my attention again in time, too, and with patch 5.1 and the removal of the requirement to run old raids in a group, I will be checking out some of those old instances for transmog gear. So I feel pretty busy, but in a good way!

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