Sunday, March 25, 2012


Did my first instance with Blatella last night, Wailing Caverns. With heirlooms, she gained three levels to level 20 so she could get her first ground mount! She ended her night by heading off to the big city across the sea, Orgrimmar.

I don't have any healing add-ons installed so I was clicking on nameplates and casting heals using the Razer Naga mouse. After a couple of tragic deaths on the first raptor mobs, I got things mostly figured out (Power word: shield on tank at each pull, HoT on everyone taking any damage, bigger heals for any damage beyond that). Today I've installed HealBot and although I'm a bit intimidated by the setup, I'll give it a go. I'm not so sure I like the combination click-casting, since I can select each spell I need using the Naga. We'll see though, here's to finding some patient PUGs while I figure things out...

Friday, March 23, 2012

Some changes

I've modified my profile to reflect the fact that Wapsipinicon is now my main toon in WoW. I still love my little goblin rogue Goetia, but I find that the enhancement shaman playstyle is really my cup of tea, so I'll be staying with Wapsi for the time being. She finally did LFR yesterday and did OK for a noob I think (#4 DPS for the first two bosses, but dropped off a bit with all of the running around after Deathwing), so now I'll be running her in LFR as much as I'm able for gear. I'm a bit worried by the fact that the graphics needs of raiding is beating the hell out of my computer- serious lag and one screen of my dual screen setup actually went black during LFR last night. It was an intense experience hardware- and play-wise, but I had a great time and look forward to doing more. After some practice and gear upgrades I might even, maybe, see about looking for a guild for normals and even heroics. We'll see though.

In addition to running around killing things, Wapsi is still on an archaeology bent, with the most recent goal being to put together a nice shaman-y outfit for transmogging. Towards this end, she found the Headdress of the First Shaman in Outland last night. I plan to buy at least the shoulders from the Five Thunders set at the Darkmoon Faire for the set, maybe more as I get the tickets:

I've also collected all of the Seer's Mail Armor from various Outland factions, which might go well with the headdress, too:

And possibly these shoulders as well:

Belt and boots I plan to get from the Auction House.

Ah, spring break is here! I'll have a couple days to spend in Azeroth, and then I'll be journeying to the bf's hometown to relax and eat some ramps!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It is done. Finally

Tol Barad drake, yay!

A cool helm from a Netherstorm quest for Wapsi's transmog set.

Heirlooms for Blatella, now respecced as shadow priest. Still not ready to try healing I guess.

One more picture of the drake!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A story of daily quest woe

But with a win at the end!

I've already complained about dailies, but here's an added frustration from Tol Barad. So, I started out one morning knowing that Wapsi was going to hit exalted with Hellscream's Reach, and thus eligible to buy the Drake of the West Wind! Woohoo! Here's how it all went down...

In front of Grommash hold, in her latest stylin' red transmog outfit plus new PVP shoulders!

Checking the mail and collecting auction house earnings.

Collecting quests in Tol Barad.

Die Commander Largo!

Die cranky residents of Rustberg!

All done! Wait, what? Drake requires 200 commendations, and I only have 164?! WTF! Arrrgh!

Frustrated, Wapsi turned to Archaeology for the quick fix of solving artifacts. Her patience was rewarded when the fossilized raptor mount turned up!

Gotta find fossils...

Woohoo! Success!

And a couple of days later, another rep grind paid off...yay Cenarion Hippogryph!

So a good weekend for Wapsi!

In addition, I played a bit more with my bf on Boomhoof, and bought her the Bard's outfit on the auction house. Although right now I'm raising her boomkin, I'm still considering switching her over to feral since melee is really my preference.

And over on Shadow Council, Milyra has been doing a couple of dungeons, questing, and collecting pets! Thanks to a pet control macro I found on the Blizz hunter forums, she is having a much easier time sending her pet to targets.

So that's it for St. Pat's weekend in WoW. This week I'll still be doing dailies on Wapsi (sigh...) and working on a transmog outfit for her based on the Grunt's Pauldrons and Cloak of the Moon, both shown here. The remaining gear she has on is pretty good, but I would like to find some pieces that better match the royal blue elements of the cloak and shoulders. So off to the transmog sites I go!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Darkmoon Faire win!

Yesterday Boomhoof and Lokutous (myself and the bf) finished up quests in Mulgore and took a vacation to the Darkmoon Faire! We did what profession quests we could at low-level, and then played a couple of games...

But mostly we fished for the sea pony, which I got on about my fifth cast. Although I should say several hundred casts on multiple toons until I got lucky on Boomhoof. I am really looking forward to pets going account-wide in the next expansion, so everyone can carry this cute little sea pony around in his bubble.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


...sigh. Getting a little tiresome. Doing Tol Barad too for the exalted mount.

 Milyra has been getting some more playtime despite the fact that she got called a huntard in an instance last weekend. Umm... level 20 toon might still be learning the ropes? Apparently everyone's an expert.

Until next time...

Sunday, March 4, 2012

A very tauren weekend

This weekend Waspi has been finishing up Cata zone questing for reputation in addition to finally getting the hang of heroics. She became exalted with Ramkahen on Saturday night and bought herself a couple of camels (pics later), and also spent some time fishing in Uldum for the Cata gourmet and cooking achievements.

Spent a bit of time back in Vashj'ir as she's now working on Earthen Ring rep, still such a beautiful zone.

She's been chipping away at acquiring epic gear in heroics and through honor and valor points, and has been transmogging away. Thankfully she's now switched from the Ramkahen to Earthen Ring tabard, which matches a lot better.

Last but not least, the boyfriend finally joined me in Wow this weekend! Not sure how much we'll play as he keeps losing network connection on his old laptop while we're playing. Still, it was great to finally run around Azeroth with him!