Friday, June 22, 2012

Fun, frustration and a secret project!!

Boss down no thanks to fractious keyboard!

My computer has really begun to show it's age, and playing WoW has become a rather frustrating experience as of late. In a nutshell, my keyboard is crapping out (causing my toons to run out of control while I rush to unplug the keyboard before they fall off of a cliff), and the lag in LFR and high population areas is just about unbearable. In addition, I'm having huge problems for some reason with tab-targeting, which is essential for my gameplay as I am too slow and uncoordinated to click target mobs. Last night I ran Gallore through her Cata normals and the Lord Ahune dungeon and just about ran screaming off of a cliff myself. Everything was a big laggy struggle and Gallore got 0 gear drops out of 7 dungeons; unlike Blatella who is in all 333 or higher gear after one run of normals, Gallore still has many 308 and 316 pieces. To top it all off, at one point I managed to mysteriously tab target a mob AROUND A BLIND CORNER in Grim Batol, and watched in horror as my pet stealthed around the mobs everyone else was fighting to engage the next pack. Yes, it was a huntard moment :),

That's the frustration. The fun came in an unexpected whisper Wapsi received while standing in Orgrimmar waiting for the LFR queue to pop. "Do you want to run DS?" Why not? After much standing around while the rest of the PUG formed, I was at Wyrmrest Temple for the last four bosses of DS, 10 man normal. It was a blast and I learned a lot, particularly that if just one player dies, the whole raid wipes. I had to learn about Fading Twilight and Deathwing's rolls the hard way, but overall I was pleased with my performance. I may not be the most situationally aware player, but I think I am pretty decent at playing enhancement shaman, and this is still my favorite class to play out of all of my alts. Unfortunately, we failed to beat the timer on the second to last platform on Madness, and wiped. The group disbanded at this point so no achievement, which was a bummer. A slight consolation was that afterwards Wapsi finished LFR for the week and FINALLY got her leg token drop. Now all I want for her are the shoulder token and her second No'Kaled.

Frustration, fun, where's the secret? Well, I wanted to do something totally different from how I am currently playing, more laid back and exploratory and less concerned with rapid leveling and gearing. I was also thinking that I wanted to roll a toon that was a stereotypical RPG character, hearkening back to my Final Fantasy days. So...I rolled a human mage!

I deleted Fossegrimme the blood elf warlock and replaced her with Fossegrimme the human mage. I wanted to roll this toon on my current server so she could use the heirlooms I have (damn Blizzard's policy of not allowing heirloom transmogs to transfer through the mail though!).

I spent quite a lot of time working on her appearance because as I've said I generally find humans in WoW to be kind of boring, and I wanted Fosse to be as interesting to me as possible. One thing I really like about her so far is her facial expressions. She's always looking off to the side like she is thinking up something clever. Tauren and trolls and orcs don't have facial expressions as far as I can tell. Blood elves just look impatient. Goblins are pretty good though.

I only have a few goals for her: become a tailor so she can have a magic carpet, level Archaeology so she can be a Professor, and eventually transfer to an RP server. I'll definitely be working on a story for her while exploring the Alliance side of Azeroth!

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