Monday, June 18, 2012

Vacation accomplished!

I spent last week visiting my family and didn't have much time for WoW with all of the visiting and activities. I logged onto Gallore just a couple times in the evenings and I did achieve a couple of things of note with her, including finally finding Loque'nahak! I named Loque after my eldest cat Jasper, and like Jasper, she is a killing machine.

Gallore also finished questing and exploring Twilight Highlands; the first tiny drop in the bucket towards Explorer and Loremaster. You can see how mushed up my UI is in the above picture, from having to play on my tiny laptop screen when I travel. That's another reason I don't play a lot when I'm away from home.

After getting unpacked and settled back into home yesterday, I figured I would run Blatella through her Cata normals for the week. She was super lucky with drops: in the above armory pic, everything except the wrist, waist and feet slots are filled with items that dropped yesterday, and the 378 wand and gloves were JP purchases. With an iLevel of 340 she's now gemmed and reforged, and ready for Cata heroics.

Tonight I will probably play Gallore and run her through the same process of gearing up through Cata normals. Wapsi might do the last half of LFR because it would be nice to get her second No'Kaled, but aside from that I feel like I'm done with her until Pandaria. That leaves my 3 leveling toons for the rest of the week, and I am particularly looking forward to questing and dungeons with the kitty druid...

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