Saturday, June 23, 2012

Life on the Alliance side

Thanks to heirlooms and the Midsummer holiday XP buff, Fossegrimme made it to level 25 last night. It always feels like a big accomplishment when a toon gets their first riding mount!

Fossegrimme quested through Elwynn Forest before making her first trip to Stormwind to get her professions established. She stole candles from Kobolds and helped capture Hogger, and when she made her way to Stormwind Stockades a little bit later she helped finish him off. The Stockades dungeon made a lot of sense from an Alliance perspective, but I wonder why it's a Horde dungeon too?

Loch Modan was the next spot for questing. A beautiful high-elevation forest and a good place to level herbalism.

So far I've been amazed by the number of rare spawns in these Alliance zones. I don't think I've ever encountered so many in low-level Horde zones. In the pic above, Lord Condar came swooping down out of nowhere while Fossegrimme was dispatching a bobcat outside of an archaeological dig in Loch Modan.

Thus far I've really enjoyed exploring the Alliance areas, maybe because I'm just a little burned out with Horde after leveling so many alts. I've learned a lot of new things, such as, on my server, Goldshire is where the children hang out PVPing and cussing at each other (enlarge pic above for examples). As far as I can tell there is no ERP going on at the Inn, just a bunch of people hanging out in the bedrooms and fighting. I can't think of a similar place Horde-side, except maybe the Orgrimmar front gate.

Stormwind has a subway! My Hordies are jealous! It would be awesome though, if instead of connecting Stormwind and Ironforge, the tram connected all of the parts of Stormwind like a proper subway. This is because I am still finding Stormwind to be a total pain in the ass to find my way in, although I suspect that will improve once Fossegrimme has her flying mount.

The Mage Quarter in Stormwind is seriously awesome. Fossegrimme met the arcane trinkets vendor, Charys Yserian, and was impressed by her collection of skulls. Oh, if only she could have a house that she could decorate, like Second Life!

After speccing fire, Fossegrimme changed her hairstyle to a more suitable ginger 'do. She's also having fun making shirts that match her outfit through tailoring, since transmogging her heirlooms is out of her reach financially. Still, she's picked up some nice items for future outfits, and has made about 25G on the auction house so she can start picking up some additional items.

So yeah, I'm liking this toon so far!


  1. That's awesome! It's suuuper hard to navigate unfamiliar cities - I have the same problem with Ogr. :)

  2. There are heaps of rares in alliance low level zones - not that I've levelled many alliance, but the starting zones of Elwynn and whatever zone Ironforge is in has tons of rares!

    Glad you're enjoying the dark side /grin