Friday, June 1, 2012

Link love and an award nomination!

Thanks to the Newbie Blogger Initiative, Goetia's Letters got nice writeups from Navimie at The Daily Frostwolf and Amijade at Warlockery! Thank you so much! If I've missed any other links, please let me know in the comments and I will write a follow-up post linking back to you!

I've also been nominated for the Best Newish Blogger award over at NBI! How awesome to be honored with a nomination for something that I was so apprehensive about when I began; this is the best kind of encouragement!

Now on to my own contribution to the final NBI challenge, which is to introduce 3 new blogs that I've discovered through the initiative. This is difficult as I've discovered so many blogs and it's hard to choose just 3.

What makes a blog click with me? First, I like pretty pictures, so some skill with framing screenshots and using an image editor will always draw me in. Second, a humorous take on the game will keep me looking forward to the next post. Third, I really like reading how other players enjoy the game- while gameplay guides are useful, I'm most interested in how people have fun during their time in Azeroth. Fourth, I like to learn something. Maybe that's a cool location I haven't visited, or how to get a nice piece of transmog gear. And finally, since I don't really consider myself a gamer in general (my boyfriend will laugh!), I focus my reading time on World of Warcraft blogs only.

So all of that said, here is my list!

I love goblin girls, and so does Prinnie at That Was an Accident! She also has a knack for taking beautiful screenshots and putting together great transmog outfits. And don't forget the great sense of humor ("Why are there no blind tauren? They all fell off of Thunder Bluff!" I LOL'D!!)

OK, this is not because Amijade gave me a shout-out, but rather due to her thoughtful posts on a number of topics, my favorite of which was this one on why it's important to think about who is behind the other toons on LFD/LFR. She also makes me laugh with posts like What Not to Wear for Warlocks.

Beautiful screenshots abound at Image Heavy, making me dream of the day I am finally able to trade my 3 year old laptop for a computer with a good graphics card! Like my other two choices, Clumsygrrrl enjoys playing WoW and it really shows!

That concludes the Newbie Blogger Initiative- many thanks to Syp at BioBreak for organizing this effort, and providing me with so much motivation to blog!