Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A hunter in Uldum

Last evening was spent leveling Gallore to 84 in Uldum. I didn't feel like doing any dungeons last night so she did some of the Harrison Jones quests and the Gnomageddon questline as well as finishing the quests for Ramkahen rep, all told it took about 6 hours to go from 83-84. I would much rather have had 3-5 little levels in that time than one long slog to 84, but it was still fun to do the quests and collect some nice quest rewards.

One cool thing about the Harrison Jones quests is that there are some pretty scarab beetles that spawn only during the questline. After taming a couple of them, Gallore chose the turquoise scarab and gave it a nice survival/aggro generating talent build. She was able to easily finish the Pit of Scales quest with this pet, which I couldn't do when I was leveling my rogue through Uldum.

I really liked doing the Salhet quests again too. Salhet seems like a sweet guy :)

And finally back to Org a new level 84, with a tabard, a cool pet and a cool gun. One more level to go! I am pretty excited to have Gallore level capped as I am getting more and more motivated to try for Loremaster and Explorer for her. I keep thinking of how cool "Loremaster Gallore" and Gallore the Explorer" would sound...