Monday, June 4, 2012

Odds and ends

I had a just a few things to wrap up on Blatella after she hit 85 this weekend. First, I transmogged her weapons to better match her outfit- Balanazzar's Horn for main hand and Stormbound Tome for off-hand. The dagger is from Stratholme, I knew it would be a good idea to put it in the bank when it dropped!

After completing her normal Cata dungeons, she kindly used her accrued JP to buy the agility leather chest heirloom for Aeshna. Then it was off to the Darkmoon Faire to turn in quests and do dailies. At the end of it all, she had enough tickets to buy the agility shoulder heirlooms for Aeshna as well. I now have nearly all of the heirloom armor for all of my future alts!

Funny enough, while Blatella was doing the fishing daily, she caught the seapony pet on her second cast. This wasn't such a big deal as I already have the sea pony on Boomhoof/Boomtuska, but it was still cool to find it again. As I may have mentioned, it usually seems that RNG doesn't work in my favor very often, so when I do see a little bit of luck I'm pretty ecstatic.

Before leaving the Faire, Blatella stepped a bit out of her dour shadow priest persona and took a ride on a sandbox tiger...



  1. Grats on the 2nd Sea pony! That stupid pet took me ages to get....

  2. It's nice to see her having some fun on the amusement rides, I know even my grumpy Warlocks loosen up at the Faire!