Saturday, June 2, 2012

Oh hai, 85!

Blatella is level 85! That last level is so long, it took about 6 hours of playtime between last night and this morning to finally finish up. Today she ran Lost City of Tol'vir for the additional quest XP and dinged on her second run.

And now, transmoggery! I am so, so glad that my server Horde-side doesn't have much of a transmog market, because this awesome witch hat cost just 20G (she also got the Confer Cone Staff of Awesomeness for the same price, which she will be sending to Boomhoof)! I also switched to using Glyph of Shadowform with Blatella so that I can see her gear a bit better.

Her outfit is a bit easier to see in the login screen. She's switched from using a staff for the moment as she has the ilvl 346 Dungeoneering Guide off-hand that she made with Inscription. It looks pretty cool too, even though it doesn't quite match her outfit.

In other news, folks on my server seem to be getting a bit bored prior to the expansion. Here are some things I saw last night and this morning while in Orgrimmar...

Alliance attacks! They got smoked pretty quickly though.

Gamon got the beat-down, not once, but twice.

Much shape-shifting and dancing in front of the auction house.

One last thing that I have been thinking about: should I race change Boomhoof from tauren to troll? I like the troll boomkin form a bit better than the tauren one; however, I like the tauren flight form better than the troll one.

Troll boomkin (from

Tauren boomkin (from

Troll fast flight form (from GamerDNA)

Tauren fast flight form (from

What to do?


  1. Troll definitely, fabulous hair colour options and brighter moonkin form not to mention better dances. You could always use a flying mount to avoid looking at the flight form.

  2. I'm really leaning towards going troll with her. I already have a tauren shaman that I love, so I won't feel bad about leaving any of the Horde races unrepresented in my character list :)

  3. I'm biased, I am a tauren gal through and through. Though, the boomkin form is nice! Though one good thing about troll is that you can have a chibi done and I can ooh and ahh and squeal over it :D

  4. I keep saying Waspinicon. I am having visual dyslexia! Wap-sip-in-icon....

  5. Wapsipinicon is one of those local dialect words that seems easy to say for people in the region (Eastern Iowa in this case), but looks crazy to everyone else. It's usually pronounced Wawp-see-pin-i-kin :)