Monday, June 10, 2013

What if I don't want to join Vol'jin?

Nacht made level 90 quite easily by Saturday, so six days of easy playing to get from 85-90 with the Pandaria XP nerf. Given that this was my fifth time through this content, the faster rate of leveling was much appreciated. Nacht made plenty of gold questing to purchase Pandaria flying, and is now camping the rare spawn Klaaxi two-handed sword in Soggy Bottom. Hopefully she'll be the first there after server restart tomorrow.

So now she's on the heroic train, but since I have no faith in RNG, her first goal was to get her 502 boots from the Darkspear Rebellion questline added in the latest patch. Her second goal is to purchase the 502 necklace from the Shado-Pan Assault with all of the Valor she accumulates running heroics and not winning any rolls. Grumpy death knight is grumpy!

Anyway, the Darkspear Rebellion. Since Nacht jumped into the fray without participating in the Dominance Offensive or the Sunreaver Onslaught, it felt awfully abrupt for her to throw her weight behind Vol'jin and his burgeoning rebellion against Garrosh. Just a week ago she was hanging out in Orgrimmar without a care in the world about Vol'jin. It had me wondering how difficult it would have been, development-wise, to add a parallel questline in which the player chooses to stay loyal to Garrosh. Because although I imagine Nacht as a tauren first and foremost, I think the choice to join an effort to overthrow Garrosh would have given her serious pause. I have to admit the story for Alliance to join Vol'jin in the overthrow attempt was much more plausible from a lore perspective, although it was still told through a linear questline at the end of which the player's choice is a foregone conclusion. In the end, just a little disappointing, although I can still see an epic ending on the horizon.

In other news, Wapsi finally got her Guardian of Cenarius title running the AQ raids, and made exalted with the August Celestials through farming and scenario rep. I think the contrasting deep blue of the Celestials tabard looks quite nice with her Tier 3 AQ armor, and the sha-touched fist weapons are pretty stunning as well. I haven't been too excited to run ToT LFR with her, but it's been a lot of fun doing the old raids. I'm already thinking about which one to run next, possibly Onyxia's Lair, although I haven't decided who to do it with. Whoever gets the coolest gear for transmog, most likely!

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