Friday, February 15, 2013

Another busy week

There have been some other blog posts recently about the sheer number of things to do in WoW right now, especially with Patch 5.2 about to drop. It can be overwhelming, but the moment of clarity comes when you realize it's kind of like a buffet where you can pick and choose, but you don't have to try everything. I've really been keeping that in mind this past couple of weeks, and as a result, my activities in game have been eclectic, but more fun than forcing myself to play through aspects of the game that I don't really have an interest in right now.

For example, I don't feel like doing dailies at all on Mnium. Instead, I am grinding a few BC dungeons for the Bloodfang recolor set. All she has left is Auchenai Crypts for the boots and Slave Pens for the belt. This weekend though I will run Mnium through the first two parts of LFR just for kicks. She doesn't have any Elder Charms but I don't really care. With drop rates improving and valor gear getting cheaper in the next patch, she'll get geared up eventually.

I am working towards getting Blatella the forsaken shadow priest exalted with the Klaaxi so I can see the end of the story and get the title. She has maybe 1-2 days left of dailies. I also ran her through two portions of LFR last week and she got a cape upgrade, and a belt that she didn't need. I didn't realize that the belt wasn't an upgrade until I had already gemmed it- oops. 

I started a monk and modeled him a bit after my boyfriend because I like the idea of watching him run around and punch things in the face. My bf requested that he be a ninja panda in black, so that will be his color theme while leveling. Jiaozi is up to level 21 and I plan to level him mainly through questing and exploring, with rested xp and the monk xp benefit. I have been doing some pet battles with him too- I love the little harvester pet!

Finally, I decided I wanted to play my elemental/resto shaman a bit after a really great episode of The Training Dummies podcast on everything shammy. She's at level 87 and I would like to level her to 90 through healing dungeons, and maybe heal through heroics too. I haven't included a picture of her because I have for some crazy reason decided that she needs to be a dranei now, so she is on her way to my Alliance group of Feathermoon. So I'm looking forward to healing some dungeons and pew pewing things in LFR this weekend!

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