Monday, February 18, 2013

Little projects, a step at a time

This weekend I stepped back a bit and looked at my legion of alts, and decided that it was time to go with some small projects on a few of them, rather than diving into any more grinds. With work being super busy lately, I need to be conscious of not making WoW feel like another job, and focusing on what is enjoyable. That said, here is what I will be thinking about when I log into WoW this week:

Mnium will not be doing any dailies, but she will be running LFR and continuing her BC dungeon trips for pretty transmoggery. She got the legs for the Bloodfang recolor set last week, and has the boots and belt left, from Auchenai Crypts and Slave Pens. Right now she's wearing the Clefthoof boots and a belt she found on the auction house, which look pretty good. She ran the holiday dungeon a few times last week while I was grading papers and finally received the 480 necklace- only to have a downgrade necklace drop for her in LFR. Oh well!

Blatella the Wakener! My tough little forsaken shadow priest finally got to exalted with the Klaaxi and is wearing her title and tabard proudly! She also had a great LFR week, winning a cape, trinket and boots, and collected enough valor for the Golden Lotus shoulders. Her luck prompted me to spend the money to get her properly enchanted, gemmed and reforged, and I'm looking forward to melting faces during some Shado-Pan dailies and LFR this week.

So I decided I needed a pretty little dranei! Calyx is formerly Panthalassa, who was formerly an orc and then a panda. Calyx also was moved to my Alliance group on Feathermoon, where the name Panthalassa was taken, thus the rename (I rather like the name Calyx, it's a part of the insect brain). She brought with her some cloth for Fossegrimme's tailoring, and Malik's Stalwart Spear that Blatella found while doing Klaaxi dailies. The spear will be for either my feral druid or my monk, whenever I decide to level them.

I don't feel much like questing right now, so Calyx, who is about halfway to level 88, is just healing some dungeons here and there. Resto shaman is much, much easier for me than resto druid was. Lots of big heals and cooldowns, once in awhile I lose a dps who got two-shotted by a boss, but otherwise healing with Calyx has been challenging but fun. I really like the intellect mail dungeon armor too, she just has shoulders and boots left to collect.

At some point I may switch to elemental for some questing, but I'm in no hurry to get to 90. I hope to be able to heal heroics with Calyx, and maybe even try LFR, so I figure I need all the practice I can get at being a healer. I've also not really enjoyed the elemental spec in the past, but I've been seeing a lot of high-dps ele shammies in LFR, so this makes me think it might get more fun at level 90. So I'm likely to give it a try- I really like the fact that I can swap between the two roles on a single toon as the mood strikes me.

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