Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Work is kicking my butt this week, and I have only been puttering about in WoW. I'm still enjoying playing balance on Mnium, and she managed to scrape up enough gear to get into the first part of LFR. No gear drops yet, and she still could use upgrades from heroics, so plenty to do there. I can't, can't do Golden Lotus dailies right now so Mnium is mainly hanging around Halfhill working for the Tillers. She's close to having enough Valor for the Klaaxi belt so after that she'll start working on Golden Lotus.

Mnium has nearly a full set of heroic gear for bear, her new second spec. If no one else in the heroic uses agility leather, she rolls need on it, which I think is fair. Just a couple more pieces and I'll start doing Operation Shieldwall dailies as bear, which I'm rather looking forward to.

Overall I'm still really feeling the night elf druid thing. All of Mnium's forms look cool, the night elf casting animations, which I can see thanks to Glyph of Stars, look totally cool, and thanks to strong self heals and CC I feel that Mnium is decently survivable even as balance. I like the complexity of the class and how well it fits in with the druid lore that I recently read about in the War of the Ancients trilogy. Mushrooms + Ursol's Vortex + Hurricane/Astral Storm to take out multiple mobs is a blast. I like having real AOE and self heals, something that my enhancement shaman is sadly missing. Still, I expect I'll return to my Horde side sooner or later, most likely when all the new raids drop in the next patch.

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