Thursday, May 17, 2012

20 days of WoW: Favorite item in game

I don't have any single item in game that I like more than the others. A lot of things make me swoon, especially anything that involves a little bit of luck or hard work to get, or that particularly fits the persona of one of my toons. The above picture is a good example of the types of items that make me happy. Blatella the forsaken with her Medusoid staff, little Oracle pet and Origami Slime Inscription toy. The origami toy was a random drop I believe, but the pet and staff were quest rewards. I really enjoy embarking on a quest or series of quests with the knowledge that a particularly cool item lies at the end.

Did I mention that I actually like Archaeology? Wapsi has achieved the Associate Professor rank and acquired a lot of super cool artifacts along the way. Finding the Fossilized Raptor and Hatchling made me giddy for days; they look especially good with Wapsi's dragonskull crown!

In other news, for some strange reason I decided to start playing my hunter again yesterday. No, not my night elf hunter Milyra, but my very, very first main toon, who started as a troll, went to the Alliance as a dranei, and back to Horde as a goblin. Like the topic of this post, it was all about the fun of finding cool new things in game: I wanted to start collecting hunter pets, beginning with the Battle Cat pet in Felwood. Sooo...I race changed her yet again, this time to a blood elf, gave her a go-go diva hairdo and renamed her Gallore (aka Pussy Galore, cuz blood elves are such saucy little vixens), and quickly tamed Battle Cat. Also, look at that gun (a quest reward at Agmar's Hammer in Dragonblight I believe)! So yeah, I like hunters because they have access to some of the coolest items in game.

Running Gallore through a couple of instances last night gave me another idea for a post, unfortunately: Hunters, the Most Hated Class in the Game?


  1. Oh my, how do you pick ONE item? I am a void storage is full on several characters, and they also have banks full of things that can't be stored in void storage!


  2. I haven't cracked Void Storage yet because my toons are all too poor, but they are always doing the bank slot shuffle. One change that would make me oh so happy would be for BOP items to become BOA. That way I could get some use out of cool items like that sadly has only dropped for my priest!