Saturday, May 26, 2012

Return to 20 days of WoW

I've had a lot of other things to post about, but today I thought a short post on the reason behind this blog's name was in order. I began Goetia's Letters as a RP-style diary about my then-main Goetia's travels through Azeroth. I learned a lot with her, as I leveled her to 85 solely through questing. If I could rename my blog again, I would not use a single toon's name given my propensity for playing alts.

Soon though, I learned that RP is kind of hard, and that maybe I would like to save it for when I had a really good idea, and just talk about general WoW explorations the rest of the time. I also switched mains to Wapsipinicon (in the banner above), and Goetia has been mostly retired for the time being. I absolutely will be leveling her in the next expansion, however, and hopefully relearning roguery well enough to feel more comfortable with her in dungeons.

In other news, I played Aeshna the kitty druid a bit last night and got her to level 15, so she's officially specced into feral and is ready to start dungeons. She tried one dungeon last night and got stuck with a group in Deadmines in which the tank was wandering hopelessly all over the instance and a hunter and a warlock were attempting to keep moving. We miraculously took down Foe Reaper 5000, but after dying on two subsequent packs of mobs I decided the best thing to do was to drop group and sign off for the night.

It was getting late and I was getting tired, so I didn't think until after I logged off: hey! I can tank! So I put the bear spells on my bar so that I'm prepared for next time. As I've said, I'm not great at navigating dungeons, but I can at least try to hold aggro on mobs and keep them in one place so everyone else can pewpew them to death.

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