Friday, May 25, 2012

Troll feral cat dilemmas!

Last night Aeshna the shiny new troll druid made her way to level 8, questing through the starting zone in Echo Isles, Sen'jin Village and ending up in Razor Hill. I haven't played a troll since I first started playing a year ago, and I found that I thoroughly enjoyed visiting the Echo Isles again. It was funny though to remember how some of the quests were difficult the first time around, but so easy now; I remember going around and around one of the islands looking for Vol'jin so we could kill a naga, this time it was easy peasy.

Finally finished with her work in the Echo Isles, she crossed the bridge to the Durotar mainland...

And the whole big world was laid out before her.

A few more quests and she got her cat form! Hallelujah! She looks pretty sweet! Still, on a trip to Orgrimmar to deliver some meat to the innkeeper or somesuch thing, she couldn't resist checking out the barber shop.

She liked this hair color the best (changed the style too), but wasn't so sure about her feral form.

She tried dark blue next, and the feral form looked like it did with her original blue-green hair color.

Finally, a lighter hair color than she would normally prefer, but feral looked really cool with the red stripes! I think she'll stick with this for the time being.

She spent the rest of her time in Orgrimmar selecting her professions (herbalism and skinning since she wants to make some gold selling mats, and cooking, fishing and first aid of course). Today she'll be back to Razor Hill for questing until she gets to select her feral talent tree at level 10. Then, I think she'll be traveling across the sea to Eastern Kingdoms for questing, as I'm a bit tired of Kalimdor having recently run both Boomhoof and Panthalassa through the early level zones.

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